The Stages of a Quote


A draft Quote is a work in progress, the customer cannot see a Quote at this stage.

  • A draft can be permanently deleted, under 'Actions'.

Sent (Awaiting Acceptance)

A Quote has been sent to the customer, awaiting their acceptance. The Quote will expire automatically on the Quote expiry date. A Quote Author can:


A customer has accepted your Quote. To do so, they must have checked the 'I accept' checkbox before clicking the 'Accept Quote' button.

  • If circumstances change, the Quote Author has the ability to undo the accepted status.


  • A customer can view an expired Quote but they may no longer accept it.
  • A Quote Author can edit and resend an expired Quote. The expiry date will automatically be reset.


A customer may decline a Quote, and they are required to enter feedback before declining.

  • A customer can still view a declined Quote, but they cannot accept it.
  • If circumstances change, a Quote Author has the ability to undo the declined status.


You can withdraw a Quote at any stage, apart from those in draft, and those being edited. Once a Quote has been withdrawn:

  • The customer can no longer see any of the Quote detail, i.e. Price Items and Text Items.
  • Quote values are not counted in your Dashboard stats.
  • A Quote Author can undo the withdrawn status.


This is the final stage of all Quotes. Archiving a Quote is a way to cross it off your list – say when the service has been completed or the product has been shipped.

  • Archiving a Quote will remove it from your Dashboard.
  • Archived Quotes are searchable in 'Quotes'. You can also filter by current or archived Quotes only.
  • An archived Quote can still be accepted, so long as it hasn't expired.
  • A Quote will archive automatically when it expires or it is withdrawn.