Quote Statuses


A Draft Quote is a work in progress, the customer cannot see a Quote at this stage.

  • Draft Quotes can be permanently deleted, under 'Actions' > 'Change Status'.
  • They can be restored up to 30 days after being Deleted (found in 'Quotes' > 'Any Status' > 'Deleted').


A Quote has been sent to the customer, awaiting their acceptance. The Quote will expire automatically on the Quote expiry date. A Quote Author can:


To make changes to a Sent Quote, you can change it to Editing. While you're editing, all of the item details will be hidden from your customer.


A customer has accepted your Quote. To do so, they must have clicked the 'Accept Quote' button.

  • If circumstances change, the Quote Author has the ability to undo the acceptance by changing the status back to 'Sent'.


Sent Quotes automatically expire, based off the Quote Expiry Date.

  • Expired Quotes don't show on your Dashboard.
  • A customer can view an expired Quote but they can no longer accept it.
  • A Quote Author can edit and resend an expired Quote. Before it can be saved, the expiry date will be reset automatically.


A customer may decline a Quote, and they are required to enter feedback before declining.

  • A customer can still view a Declined Quote, but they cannot accept it.
  • If circumstances change, a Quote Author has the ability to undo the declined status by changing the status back to 'Sent'.


You can withdraw a Quote at any stage, apart from those in Draft or with an Editing status. Once a Quote has been withdrawn:

  • The customer can no longer see any of the Quote detail, i.e. Price Items and Text Items.
  • Quote values are not counted in your Dashboard stats.
  • A Quote Author can undo the Withdrawn status.

Other Statuses

Active / Waiting

By default, all Draft, Sent, Editing, Accepted, and Declined (by the customer) Quotes are assigned the Active status. Waiting can be applied to any of these Quotes, for example if things are on hold, which helps you stay focused on the Quotes that need your attention.

  • There are Active and Waiting tabs on the Dashboard, and on the Quotes browse screen.
  • Waiting is automatically removed if another status takes priority. For example, when a Quote gets accepted it would become Active again, and a Sent Quote would lose it's Waiting status if it Expired.

Complete / Dismissed

Complete is the final stage of Accepted Quotes, and Dismissed is the final stage for Declined Quotes.

  • Completing/Dismissing a Quote will remove it from your Dashboard.
  • Quotes with these statuses are searchable in 'Quotes'.