PDF Download

Quotes can be saved as a PDF for offline use. The PDF may also be useful if you require a high-quality version for printing out.

Enable the ‘Download PDF’

This is not on by default, so follow these steps to enable it:

  1. Go to Account Settings → Layout, Contact Info, Acceptance.
  2. Under the ‘Print PDF’ heading, check the box next to ‘Enable Print PDF downloads’.
  3. Confirm your preferred Page Size: A4 or US Letter.
  4. Hit ‘Save & Publish’.

Once enabled, all quotes will display a ‘Download PDF’ link amongst the Contact details.

Note: the ‘Download PDF’ link will not show when a quote has been taken offline to be edited. For the ‘Download PDF’ link to show you’ll need to put the quote back online, either by sending it again, or going to 'Actions' > 'Change Status' and selecting 'Sent – skip email'.

Optional Items, Multiple Choice and Editable Quantities on the PDF

Selected/unselected Items and Editable Quantities will display on the PDF as they appear when the quote is opened.

If the customer makes selections or changes to these Items on-screen then downloads the PDF, they will not be reflected on the PDF. However, if the customer makes selections and accepts the quote, then these selections (and the acceptance) will be reflected on the PDF.