Currency on Quotes

If you do business with customers in different countries, you may need to quote them in their own currency.

With Quotient, your currency is determined by your account-wide default, but you also have the flexibility to change the currency on a Quote, as needed.

Currency default

The default currency for new Quotes can be set in Account Settings → Quotes → Quote Defaults.

Change the currency on a Quote

  1. While editing the Quote, go to the Quote Settings section (top right), and hit ‘Show All…’
  2. From the ‘Currency’ dropdown, select your desired currency.

Currency display options

You can control how the currency is represented in the Quote Total with the Currency Symbol (e.g. £) and/or the Currency Code (e.g. GBP). This can be set in Account Settings > Layout, Style and Company Information.

Note: your Dashboard stats are displayed in your default currency (unless you filter by ‘Count’). There is no currency conversion performed on Quotes that differ from your default currency.