Your customers are going to love Quotient too

For them, the magic starts when they receive an email with a personalized link to view their quote. Your quote will open and look fantastic on any device, there’s nothing to download or install.

New Quote Email

Great looking Quotes with a competitive edge

Your Quotes will look great, and receiving them over email makes doing business easy for your customer. The whole process can give you the edge you need over any potential competitors.

Easily add images, files or website links directly on your Quotes, and give your customer everything they need to make a decision.

Engaging price quote

Let your customer choose with Optional or Multiple Choice Items

You can mark items as optional, so when it’s the customers turn to choose, the total price is calculated on the fly.

This can be an elegant way to sell something extra… or offer an alternative to your Rolls-Royce package. It can also save the frustration of lots of back and forth emails. Plus, who doesn’t like a choice?

Sometimes you want your customer to pick one of a few options – well, you can do that with Multiple Choice items.

You can also allow your customer to edit the quantities of items which you specify as editable.

An example of an optional price item

Talk about the offer directly on the Quote

When your customer has a question, they can post it directly on the Quote. Your answers will form a ‘paper trail’ right through the sales process. Everyone on the team will be on the same page.

An example of questions and answers in the discussion section of a quote

Close the deal – lock it in, Eddie!

You’ve done the hard work, and now your customer is happy. Quotient then makes it easy for them to accept your Quote, and you’ll have a piece of mind that the detail is locked in.

And you have a piece of mind that the detail is locked in. The simple action of clicking the ‘Accept Quote’ button makes the deal legally binding.

Showing how simple it is for a customer to accept the quote

Add eSignatures and sign with ease from any touch device

Signing documents with a mouse can be a hassle. That’s why Quotient’s touch device feature makes signing easier and more convenient than ever before. Customers can simply click the “Sign from a touch device” button. They’ll be guided through a simple set of instructions and their signature will be captured and automatically added to the quote on their desktop.

eSignatures on Quotes

Creating quotes is as easy as 1… 2… send!

Quoting doesn’t have to be complex and take a lot of time. In Quotient, all it takes is a single screen, then you’re ready to send. Lookup a Contact, give your Quote a title, enter your Items and you’re done.

A single step quote creation process

Make your perfect Quote a Template

Once you’ve done a few Quotes, you’ll be able to take that perfect Quote and turn it into a Template. This makes it even quicker to start your next Quote.

You can also create individual Items in your content library. These can be quickly looked-up when adding Items to a new Quote or Template.

Quote templates are a quote creation time saver

Get notified and know when to follow-up

Knowing when and how many times your customer has opened your Quote is like gaining a super-power. Your customer will appreciate the customer service, because you’ll know when to follow up.

Now there’s no excuse to not follow-up as Quotient also has a follow-up system to notify you of aging deals on your Dashboard, which helps to automate your sales process.

See how many times your customer has opened the quote

The Dashboard – everything in one place

Everything that you need to know at a glance is on your Dashboard. See the most recently updated Quotes, questions, and notifications – a bird’s eye view where you can quickly zoom in for more detail.

An example of your Quotient Dashboard

People friendly analytics

The Dashboard stats present your sales figures in an easy to understand way. There’s nothing complicated to understand but you can gain meaningful insights into how your sales are tracking.

Dashboard analytics example

Search and view all your Quotes

All past Quotes are searchable and available to view in the future, even if things didn’t proceed. You’ll never lose a Quote again.

Quote search example

Simple layout options to make you look like a professional

Make Quotes your own and reflect the brand of your business – simply choose a layout option that suits and select colors automatically picked from your logo. To see more what’s possible and get inspired with these Quote Templates.

An example of the many quote layout options

Effortlessly Collect Reviews and Feedback

Quotient automates the process of asking customers for a review or feedback after the job is completed. You can then feature your best 5-star reviews on your Quotes.

3 of your best reviews displayed on your Quote

Capture and Convert with Leads

With Quotient Leads, your customers can send new requests online, directly to you – and into Quotient, ready to be converted into Quotes.

You can share your Lead Form with potential and existing customers. You can also embed your Lead Form as HTML within your own website.

Your Quotient Lead Form

Accelerate your team

Quotient is a pleasure to use and easy to learn so your team will be happy – and be up and running fast.

Your team can also communicate with each other privately directly on Quotes, which is good when multiple people work with the same customers and when things need to be referenced in the future.

Quotient is perfect for teams, like this one

Works perfectly on any device

Quotient works consistently across all your devices so there’s nothing extra to download or learn.

Quotes also look great on mobile – a frustration-free experience without compromising on quality.

Quotient is online software, compatible with any device or web browser

Quotient works great with other apps

There are lots of other things you can do to extend your sales process by easily connecting Quotient to other apps. No developer required.

You can, for instance, send invoices to your accounting software… or lookup contacts from your favorite CRM. No more copying and pasting. Learn more…

An overview of some of Quotient’s integration partners
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