May 15, 2023

New Email Footers – with Company Logo and Your Profile detail

Quotient now works on all your devices
Introducing a brand new feature - the Email Footer - designed to help you sign off your outbound emails in style.
March 21, 2023

New eSignatures and Acceptance Enhancements

New in Quotient: eSignatures and acceptance enhancements, with a more streamlined and efficient signing process.
September 28, 2022

Level Up: The balancing act of writing great Terms and Conditions

Whether you’re creating a quote for once-off or ongoing work, it’s important to include clear terms and conditions. It can be tricky to include everything important without overwhelming your customer, or relying on wordy legalese, so keep it straight forward and concise for best results.
June 11, 2022

New: Schedule Email

New features: Schedule emails to be delivered at a future time and date. Plus, now whenever an email is sent, you the option to stop it.
February 8, 2022

Level Up: Pricing Your Work

There are a range of factors to consider when pricing your work, beyond the cost of materials. Overheads, labour costs, and a fair profit margin are all important considerations. Getting the basics right will help your business stay afloat.
December 4, 2021

Our Biggest Little Update

New real-time ‘Active’ status, so you can see when a customer is viewing a Quote live! Name change: Saved Content (previously Templates & Items). Quote editing has been refreshed with a more streamlined process for sending Quotes.
December 4, 2021

Refreshed Quote Edit, with many enhancements

Introducing a refreshed Quote Edit screen, with the ability to Duplicate Items, adjust the Margin Percentage, a new Calendar Date Picker, and a more streamlined process for sending Quotes.
October 28, 2021

Level Up: Five Best Practices and Insider Tips

Here are some basic best practices that will serve both your business, and your customer’s needs, and ensure every Quote you send is the best it can be.
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