Questions, Comments, and Private Notes

Questions (and Answers)

A customer can ask a Question directly on a Quote. You'll be prompted to answer the Question with an Email Notification and a Dashboard Message, which will remain until you answer or dismiss the Question.

Question and Answers


You can add a Comment to a Quote and your customer will receive an Email Notification containing the Comment and a link to view the Quote.

Comments on Quotes

Private Notes

As a Quote Author, you can add a Private Note to a Quote, which only you and your fellow Team Members will be able to see. Learn more about using Private Notes.

Post a Private Note

Files and Images

You can add files and images to any Comment, Answer or Private Note. Quote recipients can also add files and images when asking a Question on a Quote.

Simply drag and drop your file or image from your computer onto the Comment, Answer or Private Note, or hit the 'Attach' button, then browse for your files or images.