Reviews – Getting Started

What are Reviews?

Reviews allow you to effortlessly collect reviews from your customers, and feature the best of these on new Quotes.

There are a number of things you can do with Reviews:

  1. Feature your best Reviews on Quotes.
  2. Share or Embed your Reviews Page in your website.
  3. And most importantly, get valuable feedback about your business.

Enable Reviews

Reviews can be enabled in Account Settings → Emails → Reviews.

Effortlessly Ask for Reviews (Automatic)

To enable Reviews and ask for Reviews automatically, hit ‘Get Started... ’ and then on the next screen hit ‘Enable & Start Sending Emails’.

You may see some Review Candidates listed, ready to go. The rules can be changed to suit your timeframe preferences.

Once enabled, emails will be scheduled to automatically send from 10am - 2pm on weekdays.

Manually Ask for Reviews

To enable Reviews and ask for Reviews manually, hit ‘...or, I’ll manually ask for Reviews’.

This is the recommended option if the service you provide isn’t going to be “completed” until a long way off in the future. You can then share your Review Form with your customer manually, when the time is right – see below.

Managing new Reviews & Feedback

Once Reviews has been enabled, you can manage new Reviews & Feedback by clicking on your Account Name (top right of your Dashboard), and selecting Reviews.

Displaying Reviews on Quotes

As you collect new Reviews, you can choose the Reviews you want featured on your new Quotes. Once you have 3 (or more) Featured Reviews, you can display them on new Quotes.

If you’ve featured more than 3 Reviews, the latest 3 Featured Reviews will be the ones that are displayed on new Quotes.

When editing a Quote, you can choose whether or not to show Reviews. This can be found under ‘Quote Settings’.

Moderating Reviews

Reviews remain hidden from your Hosted Reviews Page, until you click into the list of Reviews, then any new Reviews will be made live instantly. If you’d like to hide a Review (e.g. one that has an unfair 1 star rating) simply hit ‘Hide’.


If a customer has chosen to send their thoughts through as private feedback, it will appear under the Feedback tab.

Feedback will not appear on your Quotes or your Reviews Page.

Share your Reviews Page and Review Form

Your shareable URLs and unique embed code snippets can be found in Account Settings → Emails → Reviews → Other Ways to Share Your Reviews.

Shareable URLs

You can share your Reviews Page and Review Form URLs with anyone. They’re publicly accessible web pages, hosted as part of your Quotient account.

Embed as HTML in your own website

You (or your web designer) can also embed your Reviews Page and Review Form in your website by including a small piece of code in your HTML.

  1. Hit the ‘Show code…’ link.
  2. Copy the code to your clipboard.
  3. Paste the code into your HTML, where you'd like your Reviews Page or Review Form to appear.

To allow for a seamless look, your logo and background color are excluded when your Reviews Page or Review Form is embedded. They are responsive, which means their width will automatically shrink to the surrounding container width.