Viewed vs Open

When a Quote has been first Sent it will display as ‘Unopened’. You will be able to see when a Quote has been opened:

  • On the Dashboard and under Quotes.
  • There is also a log on the quote, under ‘All Activity…’ (with details of when/who) 

How an ‘Open’ is triggered

Each customer receives their own unique (encrypted) link via email. When the link is clicked, an ‘open’ is triggered and logged on the server, before the Quote is sent across the network and displays in your customer's web browser.

Open vs Last Viewed Time

An ‘open’ is counted by a customer viewing their unique link to the Quote. Refreshing the Quote screen or coming back to it several times in short succession (within 30 minutes of the last view) will count as a single ‘open’ and only the ‘Last Viewed’ time will be updated.

If the customer came back sometime later (30 minutes from the last view), an additional ‘Open’ will then be counted.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Can Quote Authors trigger an Open?

No. When you are signed into a particular Quotient account, it is not possible to trigger an Open.

My customer tells me that they have opened the Quote but it’s still showing as unopened?

Your customer may have opened the Quote Email Notification, but not necessarily clicked through to view the Quote.

When the Quote link is clicked the server logs and records a 'view' to the database before sending the Quote across the network to the recipient.

The link each Quote recipient receives is 100% unique to them and irreversibly encrypted. So long as the link is kept private to them this process is more secure than using a password type system. Every Quote sent utilizes this exact process without exception, so it is has been well scrutinized and tested over time.

Can anyone other than the Quote recipient trigger a view?

The link to view the Quote may be forwarded via email by the Quote recipient or Quote Author. Anyone who has been given the link to view the Quote will trigger a view.

Quote views are being triggered by a spam filter.

An aggressive spam filter may click the link to view the Quote in your customer’s Quote Email Notification, to make sure the link doesn’t direct them to anything malicious. Currently, there is no way for us to see if a link has been clicked by a spam filter or your intended customer. Also, see some healthy tips to avoid spam filters.

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