Edit an Accepted Quote

Sometimes a customer might request a variation or update to a Quote after it has been accepted. To edit an accepted Quote you will need to undo the acceptance so that you can make the changes. This means that all customer acceptance data will be deleted (including any optional items chosen).

If you want to avoid editing the Quote so that you don't lose previously accepted details, the best way to handle a variation would be to create a new Quote that reflects the changes.

Edit Accepted Quote

  1. Go to ‘Actions’ > ‘Change Status’ and select ‘Undo Acceptance’.
  2. Then to edit it, go to ‘Actions’ > ‘Change Status’ and select ‘Editing’.
  3. Once you’re done, you can just send it, or to bypass the emailing step go to ‘Actions’ > ‘Change Status’ and select ‘Sent’, for your customer to accept it.

Accepted on behalf

If you want to accept it on behalf of your customer, after the above steps have been followed you can go to ‘Actions’ > ‘Change Status’ and select ‘Accepted’.