Edit and Resend a Quote

If a Quote has been sent but you need to revise pricing or details, you can edit and resend the Quote (so long as it's in the Sent or Expired stage).

Editing the Quote takes it offline, meaning the customer can not view or accept the Quote. This protects the customer from accepting something that has possibly changed during that time.

Edit a Quote, update and email the customer:

  1. Go to 'Actions' > 'Change Status' and select 'Editing'.
  2. Hit 'Edit Quote' to confirm (Note: edits cannot be undone). This will take the Quote offline – if your customer views the Quote they will see a message saying "Changes are currently being made…".
  3. Make any necessary changes, then hit 'Preview & Send'.
  4. Confirm the email message, then hit 'Send Now'.

Edit and update, but skip sending an email

To edit a Quote, then bypass the step of notifying the customer, you can go to 'Actions' > 'Change Status' and select 'Sent – skip email'. This will put the Quote back online for the customer to accept.

Quote Activity

You can see log entries for when a Quote was edited, at the top of each Quote under 'All Activity'. The customer can not see this information.

Retain past versions of a Quote

If you need to keep a copy of exactly what has changed over time, as an alternative to editing the Quote, you can make a copy of the Quote (under 'Actions' > 'Copy Quote to' > 'New Quote') to create a new version, then make the changes and send it as a new Quote.