Tax Rates

You can manage your Tax Rates in Settings > Tax Rates.

Create a new Tax Rate

  1. Hit 'New Tax Rate'.
  2. Enter a Tax Name (this is for internal reference, it doesn't display on Quotes).
  3. Enter a Tax Rate %.
  4. Hit 'Save'.

Updating an existing Tax Rate

It's not possible to update the value of a Tax Rate. If you need to change any Tax Rate, you will need to create a new Tax Rate, then (if relevant) change the default and apply it to any relevant Template Price Items.

Change the default Tax Rate

  1. Click to edit the Tax Rate which you'd like to have as the new default.
  2. Hit 'Actions' (top right) and select 'Make default'.
  3. And you're done – It's now the default for new Price Items.

Archive a Tax Rate

  1. Click to edit the Tax Rate which you no longer need.
  2. Hit 'Actions' (top right) and select 'Archive'.
  3. It's now archived, though you can access it in the future from the 'Filter by' drop-down.

IMPORTANT: Archived Tax Rates will be also be removed from any corresponding Template Items, so you may want to update those Template Items with a new Tax Rate.