Custom Lead Forms – Capture Address Details

You can create Custom Lead Forms with Zapier, but the address fields are not available for mapping to a Quotient Lead.

Address fields are available for mapping to a Quotient Contact, so you can create a multi-step Zap to capture the address details and create a Contact at the same time a Lead is created.

How it works

Zapier receives the form submission through a Trigger, an Action creates a Contact in Quotient, then a second Action creates a Lead in Quotient.

Create the Multi-Step Zap

  1. Add a Trigger for your Form Submission.
  2. Add a Quotient Action: Create Contact, then map all the Contact fields.
  3. Add a Quotient Action: Create Lead, then map the relevant Lead fields – including the Contact fields. This won’t create duplicate Contacts.

Now, when your form is submitted, a current Contact and a new Lead will be created in Quotient.