Email Footers

The Email Footer is automatically appended to all of your outgoing emails. It can include your company logo, and some unique-to-you details like your job title, your mobile phone, and even your profile photo.

Email Footer


The main components of the Email Footer are made up of placeholders which are automatically populated from your existing data.

Placeholder Examples:


Disable/Enable the Email Footer

You can configure the Email Footer in Account Settings → Customer Emails & Templates → Email Footer.

Disable the Email Footer:

  1. Empty the contents of the Email Footer field.
  2. Hit ‘Save’.

Enable the Email Footer:

  1. Add your placeholders and relevant text to the Email Footer field.
  2. Hit ‘Save’.

TIP: To explore what’s possible, try one of the examples by hitting the ‘Copy This’ button, then modify to suit.