Change to a single Account Owner to get the Multi-Account 20% Discount


“I have two different Quotient accounts under two different sign ins (email addresses). How do I link these two accounts so that I get the discount?”

To qualify for the discount:

  • Both accounts must have the same Account Owner, using the same sign in.
  • Both accounts must be paid accounts, i.e. not still on the free trial.

Changing to a single Account Owner:

This will make the Account Owner for both accounts.

  1. Sign into the account.
  2. Invite to the account (with Administrator permissions): Account Settings → Team Members → Invite Team Members.
  3. Sign out of the account.
  4. Accept the invite, signing in as
  5. Change the Account Owner to the Team Member: Account Settings → Account Owner & Info → Account Owner (dropdown).
  6. Remove the Team Member.

Need a different email address for each account?

You can set an alternative email address (which is different from your sign in email address) in Personal Settings → Customer Facing Email Address.