Change Company or Account Name

When your account is first created, your Company Name and Account Name are identical. These names can be altered independently (by those with Admin Access) so that you have the flexibility for these names to be different.

Just be aware, if your business has changed names you’ll most likely need to update both your Company Name AND your Account Name.

Company Name

Your Company Name is what your customers see. It’s displayed on your Quotes and in your Customer Emails & Templates.

To change your Company Name go to Account Settings → Layout, Contact Info, Acceptance and scroll down to the Company Name and Contact Info section.

Account Name

Your Account Name is displayed up in your main navigation bar, on the monthly Quotient tax invoices/receipts, and in some email notifications from Quotient.

Your customers don’t see your Account Name anywhere.

To change your Account Name go to Account Settings → Account Owner & Info.