Import / Export – Text Items

You can import/export Text Items in: Account Settings > Import / Export.

Export Text Items

Things to know:

  • Images and files attached to Text Items are not included.
  • ‘Last changed’ dates and times are formatted as YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS and are exported in your timezone (the timezone of the person currently signed in).

Import Text Items

Follow the instructions you see on screen:

  1. Download a CSV file.
  2. Use a spreadsheet to update/copy Items.
    • Leave the first row of field names untouched, as this is needed to import.
    • Use the ‘Item ÏĐ’ to update Items.
    • Items will NEVER be deleted.
    • A maximum of 1000 Items can be imported at a time.
      (a limit of 5,000 Text Items in total are supported in Quotient)
  3. Select your updated file and confirm…

Things to know:

  • A ‘Text Heading’ is required.
  • Just leave ‘Last changed’ empty (it will be ignored anyway).
  • What are the ‘special’ characters in the Item ÏĐ’ field? We use these special characters (UTF-8 characters) to verify that the CSV file you’re importing is UTF-8 encoded.

Updating Text Items

To update an Item you can use the ‘Item ÏĐ’ – this is generated by Quotient (use it by downloading an export). If you specify an ‘Item ÏĐ’, an existing Item with that ‘Item ÏĐ’ MUST exist.

TIP: To import Text Items from another account, you’ll need to empty the data from the ‘Item ÏĐ’ column for Text Items to be created in the new account.

Text Items – CSV file explained

The structure is the same for imports and exports.

Field Sample value
Item ÏĐ 12345
Text heading Terms and conditions
Long description A detailed explanation...
Last changed 2016-12-01 23:00:00