Export Price Items within Quotes

You can export Price Items within Quotes from:
Account Settings → Import / Export Data

Data Structure

Field Sample value
Quote number 123
Item code 10-DP
Item title 10 dinner plates
Cost price 250.00
Unit price 500.00
Quantity 2
Discount 20
Item total 1000.00
Sales category Sales
Tax rate 10% tax
Subscription Week, 5, 20
Editable quantity Editable
Optional Optional, selected

Things to know:

  • All selected Price Items are included only.
  • ‘Long description’ is not included.
  • ‘Subscription’ field explained:
    • Month, 3 ← translates to “per 3 months”.
    • Week, 5, 20 ← translates to “per 5 weeks (for 20 weeks)”.
  • If you have several years of data, quotes will be downloaded by year*.

*Note: The download includes all quotes sent in this year. The download will not include quotes that were accepted in this year if they were created in a prior year.

Also, see how to export a Summary of Quotes.