Import / Export – An overview

You can find all options for importing/exporting data, under Settings > Import / Export (Administrators only).

Specific help on:

Requirements, Limits and Common Issues

We recommend Google Sheets to prepare your data and export your CSV file in the correct format. Microsoft Excel is not recommended unless it's the latest version, which has an option to save as is a UTF-8 encoded CSV – make sure this option is selected.

CSV format should be:

  • Comma separated.
  • Enclosed with double quotes.
  • Escaped with double quotes.
  • The first row must contain the correct field names.
  • Encoded in UTF-8 format.


  • A maximum of 1,000 rows can be imported at a time. A limit of 5,000 (of either Contacts, Price Items or Text Items) is supported in Quotient.
  • The CSV file must not exceed 10MB.

Common Issues:

If you keep getting this error message "The first row must match the field names from the example or exported CSV file" when you attempt an import, it most likely means that:

  1. Your CSV has not been saved in the UTF-8 encoded format. TIP: You may need to start again from a fresh export or template/example file, as some of the characters will have already been corrupted.
  2. Or... if you didn't start from a fresh export or template/example file, your first row might not contain all of the correct field names exactly as required.