Contacts – Import / Export

You can import/export Contacts in: Account Settings → Import / Export Data.

Data Structure

The Contacts data structure is the same for imports and exports.

Field Sample value
Contact ÏĐ 12345
First name Joseline
Last name Appleseed
Company name Apples Inc.
Phone 0123 1234 5678
Address 123 Ferrybank Drive
City Hamilton
State Waikato
Zip 3210
Country New Zealand
Last changed 2016-12-01 23:00:00

Import Contacts

Follow the instructions you see on screen:

  1. Download a CSV file.
  2. Use a spreadsheet to copy Contacts.
    • Leave the first row of field names untouched, as this is needed to import.
    • Contacts will NEVER be deleted.
    • A maximum of 1000 Contacts can be imported at a time.
      (a limit of 5,000 contacts in total are supported in Quotient)
  3. Select your updated file and confirm…

Things to know:

  • Updating Contacts is not supported.
  • To create a person, ‘First name’ AND ‘Email’ are required fields.
  • To create a company, simply leave ‘First name’ and ‘Last name’ empty.
  • Just leave ‘Contact ÏĐ’ empty (it will be ignored anyway).
  • Just leave ‘Last changed’ empty (it will be ignored anyway).
  • What are the ‘special’ characters in the ‘Contact ÏĐ’ field? We use these special characters (UTF-8 characters) to verify that the CSV file you’re importing is UTF-8 encoded.

Export Contacts

Note the following export limitations:

  • The first phone number only is included in the export (if there’s more than one).
  • The first address only is included in the export (if there’s more than one).

Things to know:

  • ‘Last changed’ dates and times are formatted as YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS and are exported in your timezone (the timezone of the person currently signed in).