Price Items – An Overview

In Quotient there’s much more to Price Items than just a heading, quantity and price. Here's an introduction to the most notable features:

Optional Items, Multiple Choice and Editable Quantities

You can nominate Price Items to be Optional, part of a Multiple Choice group, or have Editable Quantities, so that your customer can pick, choose and change as they’re accepting the Quote – the total will automatically adjust for them.

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Subscriptions, for Repeating Costs

When quoting ongoing/repeating costs, you may wish to present these as two different totals on your Quote, in order to make it super clear to your customer.

How to apply: Options > Subscription – Repeating Cost

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Cost Price & Margin

If you are in the business of purchasing and on-selling products or services, it’s useful to see how profitable your job is going to be while you are editing your Quote.

How to apply: Options > Cost Price & Margin

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Discount on Price Items

Add a percentage and the Item Total will be discounted by this amount.

How to apply: Options > Discount

If you’re wanting to provide an even amount discount you can create a Price Item called ‘Discount’ and give it a negative value, e.g. -200.00


Inserting a Subtotal will display the sum of all Price Items above it. They are especially helpful on longer Quotes, making them more ‘digestible’ to your customers.

How to apply: Options > Subtotal

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Hide pricing details from your customer

Sometimes when you have many Price Items which make up an overall total price, it may not be in your best interest to expose all these prices to your customer. If this is the case, you could hide item pricing and quantity values, keeping the breakdowns hidden from your customer’s view.

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Attach Files and Images

You can attach multiple files and images to your Price Items which will help to explain or accentuate your offer.

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Text Formatting

It’s really easy to apply some text formatting to your Long Descriptions, such as bold, italic, bullet lists and links.

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