Hide Pricing Details From Your Customer

Sometimes when you have many Price Items which make up an overall total price, it may not be in your best interest to expose all these prices to your customer. If this is the case, you could hide the item pricing and quantity values, keeping the breakdowns hidden from your customer’s view.

You can choose the level of pricing details to present to your customer. For all Items on a Quote you can choose to:

  • Show: Price x Quantity = Total
  • Show only the Total of each Item
  • Show only Quantities
  • Hide all (Price, Quantity, Total)

You also have the option to hide or show the Item Code for each Price Item.

Pricing Display Level can be set account-wide (for new Quotes) in Account Settings → Quote Defaults. It can also be set when editing a Quote (or a Template) under Settings.

Hidden Price Item fields are marked in green.

Item Visibility

Invoices in Xero or QuickBooks

When a Quote is sent to Xero or QuickBooks as an invoice, it may be helpful to be aware of the following:

Hidden Quantities will always show a Quantity of 1

If an Item has a Quantity hidden, the Quantity will always display as 1. For example: Quantity 3, Unit Price $10. Would become: Quantity 1, Unit Price $30.

Hidden Item Total

Item Long Descriptions will populate into individual invoice line items with empty quantity/price/account/tax fields – for the purpose of showing information from the Quote.

A single invoice line item will contain the total cost of ALL items – for the purpose of showing consolidated pricing from the Quote. If Price Items have differing Sales Categories or Tax Rates, then additional items will be created on the invoice.

Hidden Item Codes displaying on invoices

Even though Item Codes may be hidden in Quotient, they may still display on your Xero or QuickBooks invoices.

QuickBooks exception

There may be times when you have all pricing hidden, but the invoice in QuickBooks will display some (or all) prices and quantities. This happens if a Price Item Heading (on the Quote) matches a Product/Service in QuickBooks.