Multiple Choice, Optional Items and Editable Quantities

You can nominate Price Items to be Optional or Multiple Choice, so that your customer can pick and choose. To help these Items stand out they have clickable link headings. You can also allow Item quantities to be editable by your customer.

The Quote total will automatically adjust when your customer selects/deselects an item, or changes the quantity.

Optional Items

  • These have an un-checked checkbox, and are labeled ‘Not selected’ in the price column. The customer can select these items.
  • How to apply: Hit the icon with three dots, and select Optional Item.
  • Additionally, you can display the item as selected (a recommended option). To apply this, when editing the item you check the “Optional” checkbox.

How to apply an Optional Item

See this Quote Example with Optional Items.

Multiple Choice

  • These have a radio select button instead of a checkbox. The customer can only choose one of a group of Multiple Choice Items.
  • A group is automatically defined when Multiple Choice Items are stacked on top of each other. A group can be split by inserting either a Subtotal or a Text Item, allowing you to have many groups of Multiple Choice Items on your Quote.
  • How to apply: Hit the icon with three dots, and select Multiple Choice.

How to apply Multiple Choice

See this Quote Example with Multiple Choice Items.

Editable Quantities

  • These will display a form field on the Quote for the quantity which the customer can override and change.
  • How to apply: Hit the icon with three dots, and select Editable Quantity.

How to apply an Editable Quantity

See this Quote Example with Editable Quantities.