Layout, Style and Company Information

There are a range of things you can tweak to tailor your quote appearance, in Account Settings > Layout, Style and Company Information. As you change the settings you’ll instantly see a handy little preview, plus you can hit the 'View Full-size' button to see a full-size version before saving and publishing your handiwork. Changes will be applied to all of your past, current and future Quotes.

Have a look at our Quote Examples for some inspiration.

Layout Preview


Browse and upload a high-resolution version of your logo. It will automatically be resized so that it looks crisp on retina displays and in print.

  • A minimum size of 600 pixels wide/high is recommended.
  • Supported file types are .PNG .JPG and .GIF.


There's a palette of colors picked especially for you, selected algorithmically from your logo so that your colors will be on-brand every time. Colors can be applied to Buttons/Links, Highlights and the Quote Background.

You can also use any color by manually entering the HTML hex code, e.g.#A8CD25.

Contact Detail

Choose to have your company Contact Detail (and if selected your customer phone and address etc.) displayed in columns, flowing in-line or running down the right-hand column.

  • Columns: Contact detail runs across the top in three columns. Ideal if displaying contact details is important.
  • In-line: Contact detail runs in-line up the top. Ideal for creating a clean and simple look.
  • Right Column: Contact detail runs down the right-hand column, with the quote detail displayed in the left-hand column.

Check the box next to 'Include customer phone and address etc.' if you wish to display this on your quotes.


  • Left: Logo, title and acceptance are left aligned.
  • Centered: Logo, title and acceptance are centered.
  • Right: Logo is right aligned. Title and acceptance are left aligned.

Text Styles

Choose a web-friendly font for your Headings and Body Text (Long Descriptions). The New and Accepted Quote emails will also use your chosen font.

Pricing Format

Change how you describe Tax (VAT/GST etc.) and whether to show Currency Symbols/Codes in your Quote Totals.

Print PDF

Check the box next to 'Enable Print PDF downloads' if you wish to make this available to your customers and yourself.

The PDF Page Size can be A4 or US letter.

Company Information

Optionally enter any extra company information that you'd like to have displayed on your Quotes.