Adding and Removing Team Members

Team Members are other users who have access to your account, for the purpose of creating and managing Quotes. All Team Members can see everyone’s Quotes in your account.

Additionally, Team Members with Admin Access can:

  • Add and remove (delete) other Team Members
  • Access Templates & Items
  • Access everything inside Account Settings

Learn more about Admin Access.

Add a Team Member

  1. Go to Account Settings → Team Members.
  2. Hit 'Invite Team Members'.
  3. Enter the Email Address you'd like to invite, or send an invite to multiple Email Addresses, using a comma to separate each.
  4. Check the 'Give Administrator Powers' tick box if required, and hit 'Send'.
  5. Each Team Member will receive an invitation by email, where they will be prompted to accept the invite by creating a password for their sign in.

Remove a Team Member

  1. Go to Account Settings → Team Members.
  2. Click on the Team Member who you wish to remove.
  3. On the top right, hit 'Actions' and select 'Remove This Person'.
  4. Confirm 'Remove from account'.

You will not lose any account information by removing a Team Member, including Quotes they created or contributed to.

If you change your mind, you may invite a Team Member back to the account at any time in the future.