Smart Tags in Templates

A Smart Tag is a magic "placeholder" you can insert in your Templates. When editing a Quote, Smart Tags have the following magic properties:

Smart Tags remind you

If you forget to replace a Smart Tag with a value, you will be reminded by an alert to complete any tags before previewing or sending a Quote to your customer.

Smart Tags save time

A single click will highlight a tag, ready to fill in with text. If you have more than one of the same tag, just fill in the one and the others will be updated magically, saving you precious time.

How to name a Smart Tag

Smart Tags can be named anything you like, they just can't contain any spaces.

  • Good examples (dashes and underscores are okay)
    • <jobname>
    • <customer-location>
    • <date_job_due>
  • Bad examples (spaces are bad)
    • <job name>
    • <customer location>
    • <job due date>

Where to insert Smart Tags

You can insert Smart Tags into the following fields:

  • Title of Template
  • Product or Service Heading
  • Item Long Description