If you would like to begin your Quotes with an introduction, you might like to set up your default Template to include a Text Item as the first Item on your Quotes.

How to get a Text Item at the top, for all new Quotes:

  1. If you don’t have one already, start by creating a Template.
  2. From the first Price Item, hit '+' to add a Text Item, then move it up to the top.
  3. Now "lookup" an existing Text Item or create some content for a new Text Item.
  4. While editing the Template, select 'Make default' (under 'Actions').
  5. Click 'Save & Finish'.

Or... If you already have a default Template, open it up, add a Text Item and move it to the top, then click 'Save & Finish'.

Now every time you create a Quote it will start from this Template with a Text Item at the top of the Quote, all ready for your description or introduction.