Highrise – Getting Connected

NOTE: As of August 20, 2018, Highrise stopped accepting new signups. If you already have a Highrise account you can still integrate with Quotient. Learn more...

How does it work with Quotient?

Lookup Highrise Contacts
When adding Contacts to Quotes, include Highrise Contacts in lookup results.

Send emails to Highrise
Send a copy of New Quote and Accepted Quote Customer Emails to a Contact in Highrise.

Connect to Highrise

  1. Click on your Account Name (on the top-right of your Dashboard), then go to Account Settings → Connected Apps → Highrise.
  2. Hit Enable for one of the services you require i.e. Lookup Contacts.
  3. Sign in to your Highrise account and hit ‘Yes, I'll allow access’.
  4. Hit Enable for any other services you require.

Lookup Highrise Contacts

Hit ‘Enable’ under Lookup Contacts, confirm and hit ‘Enable’.

  • When adding Contacts to quotes you can include your Highrise Contacts in lookup results.
  • Highrise Contacts are indicated with a Highrise logo.
  • Once you select a Highrise Contact it will be saved (copied) into Quotient Contacts (only a person's name, email and company name are saved).

Send emails to Highrise

Hit ‘Enable’ under 'Send emails to Highrise', enter your Highrise drop box email address into the 'Highrise email address' field, hit ‘Save’.

  • A copy of New Quote and Accepted Quote Customer Emails will be sent via BCC.
  • A new Contact will be created in Highrise if it does not exist.

Where to find your Highrise personal email dropbox:

  1. Sign in to Highrise.
  2. Select 'My info' (under Account & Settings, top right).
  3. There you’ll see your personal email dropbox, it'll look similar to:

Find out more about Highrise.