Create calendar events from accepted Quotes

UPDATE: There is now a better way. See the Zapier – Getting Connected.

Before you begin, you will need the following:

1. Create your 'Zap'

From your Zapier Dashboard hit 'MAKE A ZAP!' 

2. Choose a Trigger App

  • Select 'Email by Zapier'.
  • Hit 'Save + Continue'.
  • Customize the private email address.
  • Hit 'Continue'.
  • Hit 'Copy to clipboard'.
  • In Quotient, go to Settings > Notifications and under Quote Accepted check 'Also, send notification to' and paste your private email address into the field. Hit 'Save', create a test quote, accept it (on behalf) and be sure to check the 'Send email notification' box.
  • Back in Zapier, test the email, hit 'OK, I did this', hit 'Continue'.

3. Choose an Action App

The following instructions are for Google Calendar, but you may select Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange instead.

  • Select 'Google Calendar'.
  • Select 'Create Detailed Event'.
  • Hit 'Save + Continue'.
  • Hit 'Connect a New Account', and allow Zapier to access it.
  • Follow the steps to select a calendar, select a summary (i.e. subject), add the tag {{zap_meta_human_now}} for both start and end dates (Learn more: Dynamically Modify Dates & Times) and lastly, add any other optional fields.
  • Hit 'Continue', hit 'Create & Continue'.

4. You're done!

Now whenever a Quote is accepted a calendar event will be created.