New: Quote Edit Updates

Dale & Nathan Posted on June 28, 2017
by Dale & Nathan

Today we’ve released some visual updates that make working with Quotes easier and more intuitive.

Editing Items gets a freshen up

  1. New ‘+’ button, to easily add Text or Price Items and Subtotals.
  2. Added labels to Unit Price, Quantity, and Item Total.
  3. Simplified layout for Item Code/Heading/Description.

Quote Edit Screen Updates

Extra details for New Contacts

Everyone loves how handy it is to create a new Contact “on the fly” when starting a new Quote.

You can now add extra detail – such as phone and address – right there.

Tip: if you’d like these extra Contact details to display on your Quotes, see Settings > Layout, Style and Company information… and check the box 'Display full customer detail'.

Quote Edit Screen Updates

That’s it for now. We hope you enjoy these updates!

Full Release Notes