New in Quotient: It’s the little things

This update is the accumulation of many little improvements, from the wording within quote actions, to button names and confirmation messages. All of these are small tweaks on their own, though we labour over the detail intensely in the hope they sum up to an incrementally better experience for you. We hope you enjoy.

Quote values – on Dashboard, under Quotes and more

What necessary piece of information is arguably of the highest value to most on a quote? That's right, the bottom line! To give you a better insight at a glance, the total value of each quote is now displayed on the Dashboard and under Quotes.

This is especially handy when your quote has been accepted. We also show the value in the acceptance notification email (the copy to the quote author only).

Withdrawn quotes

All quotes can now be withdrawn, even if expired or declined. Also, a withdrawn quote is not counted in your dashboard stats, and the detail and pricing remain hidden from your customer’s view.

See the release notes, 9 March 2015 for a full list of updates.