Introducing Leads

Dale & Nathan Posted on April 8, 2018
by Dale & Nathan

Today we’ve released a new feature: Leads! Your customers can now send a new request online, directly to you – and into Quotient, ready to be converted into a Quote.

Getting Started with your Lead Form

We’ve made this really easy. You can share your Lead Form link with potential and existing customers.

You can also embed your Lead Form as HTML within your own website. And if you’re technically minded, you can connect to Zapier to create New Leads from other sources.

Working with Leads

You’ll be instantly notified by email and on your Dashboard when a new Lead request happens. From here, you can click through to manage all your Open Leads.

Leads can have a potential value, and notes added for internal use.

When you’re ready… you can convert your Lead to a Quote, with the Lead details attached – and Contact included, ready to send.

If an Open Lead goes cold, you can hit Dismiss to close the Lead.


Help getting started

Learn more in the Leads Help Article, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.