Xero vs Quotient

We’ve attended quite a number of Xerocons over the years and occasionally get asked by Xero customers when they first come across Quotient: Why use Quotient quotes when Xero has it built-in? The following is an official breakdown why quoting the Quotient way can give you the edge on your competitors.

What is Xero?

Xero is world-leading cloud accounting software, with a broad set of accounting and bookkeeping features, which includes basic quoting out-of-the-box.

How does it compare with Quotient?

Quotient is online quoting software which focuses solely on your sales process. It produces professional looking quotes that will delight and impress your customers, to help you make a sale. Quotient’s pricing is very reasonable and is the best investment you could make in your business. It’s also to quick to get up and running and it’s a pleasure to use – so it’ll be easy getting a sales team onboard.

Quotient is a specialist tool, great for freelancers and sales teams alike

Quotient keeps your accounting functions separate from the quoting process. It’s not always ideal if everyone has access to your company’s accounting figures.

If you’re a bigger company you can always set up different Quotient accounts by region or country allowing you to manage regional and country specific pricing.

Can I use both?

Yes you can, thousands of people do every day! Quotient integrates with Xero effortlessly so you can have the best of both worlds. When connected with Xero, you can populate your quotes with real-time information from your Xero Inventory and Contacts – Best of all when a quote has been accepted, a Xero invoice is created automatically. There is no copying and pasting to be done.

What does Quotient do that Xero doesn’t?

When creating quotes you need to be flexible and responsive to customer needs, things change fast and it’s important that you can update a quote quickly and efficiently. Quotient is online first – that’s where Quotient comes into it’s own.

So, let’s dig into the finer details:

Optional and Multiple Choice Items (Quotient only)

Quotient allows you to specify items as optional, where customers can choose that particular item or not. You can also specify whether the item is selected or not when the customer first sees the quote. This is helpful when the optional item is an additional cost, and you don’t want the total price inflated unless the customer selects it.

There are also situations where you want the customer to only choose ONE of a few options – there’s multiple choice items for that.

How Optional and Multiple Choice Items Look

Editable quantities (Quotient only)

In addition to Optional items, you can also allow the quantities of items to be edited directly by the customer on the quote. Only once the item has been selected, the total is then re-calculated on-the-fly.

This is a popular feature with businesses who negotiate around quantities, such as printers and caterers. Or say, the travel industry where the cost is a linear rate per-seat so it makes sense to be flexible around quantities.

Editable items

Images and Files on Items (Quotient only)

Quotient allows you to add images into the quote (not just as an attachment). Customers love to see photos of what they’re buying, so this can be particularly valuable for businesses that sell products.

Also popular with contractor’s, photos help reinforce the problem they’re trying to solve. A house cleaning contractor might take a photo of the mouldy roof, or a tree arborist might take a photo of the problem branches or tree to be removed.

An image of the product can be also be uploaded directly into quote discussions so there is no confusion.

Images on quotes

Quotes look consistent and great on any device (Quotient only)

A Quotient quote is fully responsive to any device and will fill the screen perfectly whether you’re on a desktop computer or iPad. This means your company’s branding flows through perfectly, no matter where or how they’re viewed.

Xero quotes do work across devices but have a slightly different approach where they render a separate mobile version without branding (different from the desktop version).

Quotes look great on Desktop & Mobile

Realtime stats – views and opens (Quotient only)

Quotient provides real time information which gives you the ability to communicate with customers in real-time and know exactly when, or if, a client has opened a quote.

See how many times the quote has been opened

Legally binding acceptance process (Quotient only)

When a customer accepts a quote with Xero they simply click the link and then hit an accept button - sounds simple right? What you need to know is that when it comes to quotes being accepted Quotient has your back. Quotient takes this process one step further and requires your customer to tick the ‘I agree’ box. This action is what makes the acceptance process legally binding.

Legally binding acceptance

Digital Fingerprint (Quotient only)

Quotient also records a Digital Fingerprint on all accepted quotes to help identify and track all relevant important data from the person accepting the quote. Each of your customers has a link that is unique to them, making this process even more robust.

The Digital Fingerprint in Quotient

Edit a quote with offline protection (Quotient only)

A Quotient quote is ‘live’ until it’s accepted and the work has begun. You can’t retract an email, but because Quotients quotes are online and are ‘live’, you can simply revise the quote (meanwhile it’s ‘offline’ for the customer) and save and publish the changes again when you’re ready. With built-in safety mechanisms, your customer will be alerted if changes have been made, so there’s no chance of them accepting the wrong quote.

If you’re using the Xero quoting your customer will be sent a link to a quote and also a PDF. The problem with this is that as soon as your customer has printed the PDF the quote is no longer active. PDF documents are often caught in spam folders and some larger companies even block them. In some cases, your client may not have PDF software to open the quote.

Changes are currently being made…

Discussion directly on the quote (Quotient only)

Quotient has a question and answer feature on the quote which keeps a record of discussions which is great for future reference or trouble shooting.

Questions & Answers

Quote templates, with content (Quotient only)

Quotient has a unique function that allows you to set up templates for future use. Quotient templates can provide you with the advantage of having content that is well thought out and consistent. This makes quoting even faster.

If you’re stuck for ideas Quotient has a library of real life examples that provide you with a great starting point for your quotes. It makes it easy to see how you can make your quotes professional and jam packed with all the information your customers need to make a decision. With Xero you can customise the invoice settings to include a theme which allows you to set up standard information.

Start a new quote from a template

Wrapping up

Quotient has a sole focus to help you create professional quotes and stands out from Xero’s quoting software with these fantastic features. If you use Xero already, super-charge your sales process and use it together with Quotient – your business and your customers will thank you for it :)

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