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Highrise Contacts available in Quotient

Highrise Contacts available in Quotient

Keep all critical communications together in Highrise by automatically sending New Quote emails and Quote Acceptance emails directly into a Highrise Contact – simply set and forget!

What is Highrise? Highrise is the easy contact manager for small businesses. You can include Highrise Contacts when creating Quotes. Contacts are real time lookups meaning it works seamlessly alongside Quotient’s own Contacts.

Leave the bad customer service to your competitors

The customer gave me a verbal “okay”, but it feels flaky. Multiple versions get messy over email. I sent the wrong attachment. Do you get busy and forget to follow up? My inbox is out-of-control! I feel guilty for not keeping in touch with customers. Tired of copying and pasting the last Word Document? My teams pricing is inconsistent.

Quoting with Quotient is a breeze, and for your customers it’ll be a welcome breath of fresh air

  • See precisely when a customer opens your quote
  • Include Optional and Multiple Choice Items
  • Provide a clear click-to-accept process
  • Discussions which take place directly on the quote
  • Add files directly into items and any discussion
  • Quotes are responsive and beautiful everywhere
  • Customize to suit your business process
  • Add your logo and pick colors to suit
  • Content Templates that make quoting super-quick
  • Price Item library for popular things
  • Auto-generate invoices into Xero or QuickBooks
  • Quotes are online and one central source of truth
  • Get notified on your Dashboard when to follow up
  • Get a rolling dollar value of approved quotes
  • Searchable quotes, whether they were accepted or not
  • …And finally, software that’s a pleasure to use and loved by 1000’s of companies around the world!

Quotient was made for people …just like you.

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