Quotient as a Desktop App

You can have Quotient run like any other application on your Mac or Windows desktop. 

Simply install Quotient from the Chrome Web Store, sign in as usual (or start your 30 day free trial) and you’re away! You’ll need Chrome installed, but you don’t need to run Chrome to use the app.

Benefits of using this packaged app:

  • Quickly switch between your applications
  • Don’t get lost amongst all your browser tabs
  • Pin Quotient to your Dock or Taskbar

Tips and quirks:

  • To switch between apps on Windows use [Alt]+[Tab].
  • To switch between apps on the Mac use [Command]+[Tab] *

* Some people may find they can't tab from Quotient to back to Chrome (it's a known bug on the Mac). To get around this just use [Command]+[`] to get back to Chrome.