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Car window tint and application

Keep cool

Update your car’s aesthetic and maximize sun protection while driving with automotive tints. Not only does window tinting keep your car looking sleek and stylish, it also provides extreme glare reduction, heat protection, and 99.5% UV rejection.

The ceramic film used by Dark Daze boasts incredible, highly shatter-proof properties, increasing the overall safety of your car.

Safeguard your car with window tints that future proof against interior fading, as well as improving the driving privacy, comfort, security and appearance of your car.

15% VLT tints
Keep your pets cool with vehicle tints
Black VLT tints
20% VLT tints

Window tinting package

Our window tinting package is fantastic value for money, but doesn’t cut corners on product quality or application.

As a part of your package, one of our experienced and knowledgeable tinting technicians will carry out a full and thorough clean of your car windows, to optimize a smooth application of the tint films.

Your tint films will then be cut by hand to perfectly match your car windows, and carefully applied to avoid bubbles or creases in the film.

Vehicle: Midsize 4 door sedan
Window tints: 35% VLT (Visual Light Transmittance) Premium Ceramic Film

*Price includes all materials and labor required for application.

VLT (Visual Light Transmittance) compared


While you wait service

One of the friendly staff at Dark Daze will contact you within one business day of accepting this quote to arrange a time to bring in your car.

Our tinting technicians are so skilled and efficient that we can confidently offer a ‘while you wait’ service. The full window tinting process will take around 1 hour, so we invite all customers to relax in our showroom with a complimentary coffee or tea.

Please note: While your tints are safely applied and set ready for driving, we recommend that you do not roll your windows up/down for at least a day afterwards.

We guarantee

Our premium window tinting products are industry leading quality, and backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee.

If you experience any fading, cracking, bubbling, discolouration, peeling, or other genuine manufacturing fault of your tint films at any point, we will replace your window tints at no cost to you.

We also thoroughly train our staff to protect against poor application of tints, so if for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with the application of your window tints, we will reapply them to rid any blemishes brought on by sub-par application.

Payment information

  • We require payment, in full, prior to application of your window tints. Payment can be made in store.
  • We accept payment via cash, credit, or check.

About Dark Daze

The team at Dark Daze have been local favourites for all manner of automotive treatments since they first opened in 1985. With a wide array of expertise gained over time through industry exposure, our team pride themselves on an almost encyclopaedic understanding of all things automotive. They’re also genuinely passionate about what they do, ensuring a deep knowledge of current and upcoming automotive trends, technology, and products.

Additionally, we have solid relationships with local car repair and maintenance experts, so if you’d like to discuss any touch ups or repairs that need doing, we can put you in touch with the best in the business for auto body repairs, car detailing, or mechanic services.

Window preparation
Positioning film
Squeegee film
Heat gun for perfect finish

Questions & Answers

Scarlett Richards  June 1, 2023 at 4:16 PM 

I have existing window tinting on our car, are you able to remove this properly before applying the new tinting?

Jamie Hemsworth  June 1, 2023 at 4:31 PM 

We can remove your old tinting, and give all windows a thorough and professional clean prior to applying your new tint film for a small fee. I’ll update your quote and resend it to you with the new price.


Quicker than I’d anticipated! I’d been wanting to get my windows tinted for some time, but expected it to be an inconveniently long process so always put it off. At Dark Daze, I was in and out within an hour! To anyone  More
by Gary Hunter
I cannot stop checking out my cool new window tints! I really couldn’t be happier with the results from Dark Daze. They use quality products, they work quickly and efficiently, and it was a pleasure chilling out at their shop while they applied my tints :)
by Anna Burton
The best in the business for sun protection while driving. Damage from UV rays for us humans is no joke, so I wanted to protect against unnecessary harm to myself and my family while in the car. Window tints are so affordable,  More
by Sophia Turner

Car window tint and application

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