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Front bumper repair

Road-ready in record time

Specialist auto body repairs are essential to getting your vehicle road-ready following a bump or scrape. What may appear to be merely cosmetic damage is often revealed to be more serious in nature on further inspection, requiring the skills of a specialist panel beater with experience in collision repair.

Our highly skilled team of auto body repair specialists guarantee not only that your vehicle will be thoroughly and exhaustively inspected for issues caused by collision damage, but that it will be remedied in record time at a price that fits you.

Close up of car headlight with auto body repair specialist in background
Close up of car paint being sanded
Close up of car paint being polished
Protective tape being applied to car window prior to painting
Auto body repair specialist in protective gear, spray painting a car part
Close up of a car bonnet being buffed
Close up of car spray painting in progress
Close up of car bonnet being polished with tool

Bumper smash repair

Location: Front bumper
Damage incurring incident: Minor nose-to-tail collision

Your bumper is your first line of defense against collisions, so no matter how minor your bumper damage looks to be, it is of prime importance for it to be assessed by a trained and experienced auto body repair specialist.

We will thoroughly inspect not only the specific area where damage has occurred on your car, but also surrounding areas, to ensure no damage has been incurred to neighbouring parts of the vehicle.

Our specialist panel beaters will reshape and repair any dents that are present using our heat reshaping system.

Your bumper will then be sanded, primed, and painted with colour and clear coat to bring your vehicle back to its showroom-ready best.


We offer a complimentary courtesy car to all customers, at absolutely no charge to you. Simply check the box, and a courtesy car will be waiting for your arrival.

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Following acceptance

We will contact you to book in a good time for you to drop off your vehicle. We will also confirm an approximate timeframe for your repairs to be completed.

Workmanship guarantee

Our auto body repair specialist’s talent and experience is unparalleled, which ensures you the best quality workmanship possible no matter how big the job at hand. As such, we back all of our work with a 100% workmanship guarantee.

If you’re not happy with the work we’ve carried out, we will carry out further repairs to a mutually agreeable standard.

Payment and terms

  • Payment can be made on completion of work
  • We accept payment via cash, check, card, or online funds transfer
  • Should you need to reschedule your repair booking, we politely request no less than 2 hours notice

Fine Finesse: 20 years of excellence

Whether you’ve had a major car crash resulting in major damage, or had a neighbouring car at the grocery store open their door into yours, Fine Finesse has the team for the job.

Our auto body repair specialists offer world class panel beating in record beating time, using techniques that promise showroom-ready results every time.

If you’re interested in sprucing your car up with some car detailing after your auto body work is complete, we can recommend the fine folk at Chariot Detailing Services.

With decades of experience, we are trusted by local businesses to upkeep whole fleets of vehicles, along with being the preferred choice for local individuals in need of affordable, quality auto body services.


Excellent service with excellent results to match! I was pleasantly surprised by the offer of a courtesy car while repairs were carried out. This team truly goes the extra mile.
by Anna Burton
Simply amazing panel beating. Their work is so refined that it’s almost undetectable - I couldn’t even tell where my car had been originally hit! Would recommend highly to all.
by Sophia Turner
Reliable and affordable service with consistently top-tier results. These folks have seen many bangs and scratches on our company cars over the years, and each repair job has been just as good as the last.
by Gary Hunter

Front bumper repair

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