An introduction to template placeholders – the power of Smart Tags

Dale & Nathan Posted on August 6, 2012
by Dale & Nathan

In the early days, our templates where littered with Xxxx’s or "Client_name_here" …pending the good intention of filling the actual value out later. But… what if the same value (ie. the dear customers name) appears in a few places? What if Jono forgets to enter the customer name and we send a quote to Xxxxx? I don’t think she’d be terribly impressed.

Luckily we’ve got smarter in recent times – introducing

A smart tag can be a powerful, time saving addition to creating more accurate quotes.

No need to repeat yourself

If you have a smart tag such as which appears a few times within your template, simply replace one instance of to replace ALL other instances automatically.

Naming a Smart Tag

You can name your smart tags however you like with letters, dashes and underscores, eg. …just be sure to exclude any spaces.

Smart tags can reside in any title or description field in a template.

Did you forget something?

A final note and best of all, if you forget to enter a you’ll be reminded by an alert to complete any tags before previewing or sending your quote to your customer.