Updates: a few minor features added

Dale & Nathan Posted on September 3, 2012
by Dale & Nathan

Simplified look and increased flexibility to managing quotes

This includes the ability to:

  • Revise and re-send an expired quote
  • Mark a quote as declined
  • Undo an accepted, declined, withdrawn or revoked quote

Quote Status Options

Changing an expiry date for a particular quote

A quote will expire after a set number of days, specified in your settings. This date and time is automatically set when you create a quote – we’ve now added the ability to alter the expiry.

So if you want to bring an expired quote back to life, simply revise it, change the expiry date and update, to allow it to be accepted again.

Attachments for Notes

You can now attach images and documents to Notes. This works in the same slick way as Line item attachments.