Updates: Contacts rework, private notes and a generally snappier Quotient experience

Dale & Nathan Posted on November 20, 2012
by Dale & Nathan

We’ve completely restructured contacts:

  • A new improved interface for viewing and editing a contact
  • Add phone, address and other necessary information for people and companies
  • Quickly view or edit contact details directly within a quote (as the author)
  • Contact profile images from Gravatar

What’s still coming …thanks for your patience:

  • Live lookup your Xero contacts
  • Ability to merge and delete contacts

Private notes for your eyes only

As well as adding comments that your contacts see, you can now add private notes to the discussion for you and your team – these are NOT seen by your contacts.

A snappier Quotient experience

If you’re using a modern web browser (right now we recommend Chrome for the Desktop) you should notice a substantial snappier response time – especially on the iPad.

We’ve achieved this using a few tricks including the relatively new HTML5 technology called pushState, allowing us to replace only the data that has changed on a page and not require the whole page to be downloaded.

File icons on attachments

And lastly a little enhancement to the quote view... attachments on line items and notes now include a nifty icon matching the file type.

Thank you to all of our wonderful customers who’ve provided us with such great feedback over the last few months – it all helps to shape the direction we’re heading in. You can suggest, comment and vote on future ideas over here.