Effortlessly build your email list

Our latest integration is the (monkey) business!

Our customers know that we’re all about helping them to grow their business. Other than Quotient, one of the best ways to do that is email. Seriously, it works. And the King Kong of email marketing services is Mailchimp. We use it here at Quotient HQ.

Whenever we send out an email campaign to our growing list of customers and prospects, we notice a large spike in website traffic, and an increase in sign-ups. Mailchimp makes this super-easy!

Quotient and Mailchimp

You’d have to be bananas to let a relationship go cold

Engaging prospects and winning customers using Quotient is just the beginning. To stay top of mind and turn warm prospects into customers, or get repeat business, you need to keep in touch with people. Email is the perfect tool. So step one is build a list!

That’s where Mailchimp comes in. With an email database, you can send regular updates or anything that adds value to your prospects and customers. You turn up in their inbox as a ‘friendly’ and stay top of mind for when they’re ready to do business.

Integrate Mailchimp with Quotient to grow your business

When you effortlessly integrate Mailchimp with Quotient, every time you send a Quotient quote to a customer or prospect, their email address is automatically copied to Mailchimp.

When you first connect with Mailchimp, a one-off import of your Quotient contacts into Mailchimp will be triggered. Then it’ll continue to run in the background and grow your email list. No double entries, just list building heaven.

Setting up your Mailchimp integration

  1. If you haven’t got a Mailchimp account, set one up now.
  2. Go to Integrations (under Settings) in Quotient.
  3. Click the Mailchimp logo.
  4. Click 'Connect'.
  5. Log in to Mailchimp (Connect Quotient to your account). You’ll then be re-directed back to Quotient.
  6. Choose a Mailchimp list and click ‘Import and Enable’.
  7. You’re now connected.

Start with Mailchimp for free

Millions of people use Mailchimp to design and send millions of emails every day. You can design and track your emails, see subscribers and unsubscribes, click-through rates, generate custom reports and more. They even offer a free plan. Ready to send better email? Sign up to Mailchimp now. Then connect with Quotient.