Updates: Custom email wording, contact lookups for Xero, Highrise or Capsule

Dale & Nathan Posted on March 13, 2013
by Dale & Nathan

Custom email wording

You can now add a personal email message to quote notifications. So just before sending your quote, you’ll have the opportunity to alter the email message before sending.

Also, you can change the default wording for new quote, revised quote and quote acceptance email notifications. See: Settings > Email > Email wording.

Custom email messages

Lookup Xero, Highrise or Capsule contacts

The integration with Xero just got a lot better, where you can now lookup your Xero contacts when creating new quotes.

This is also available for either Highrise or Capsule contacts – we have plans to further extend these integrations in the future.

History on quotes, contacts and settings

You'll now see a history of activity on quotes, contacts and settings. This can be viewed down the bottom of these screens.

Private notes enhancements

We’ve had great feedback about the private notes we released late last year. You can now send a private note to another team member (and even to yourself). A notification email is sent to the recipient and a message is added to their dashboard.

What’s up next?

Good news – we can confirm the next release will include the long awaited inventory line items and notes!