It’s time to give back, introducing Quotient referrals

Dale & Nathan Posted on December 11, 2016
by Dale & Nathan

Refer and earn

Many of you love to tell your friends about Quotient, and when we hear of such kind acts we get all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s a real compliment and we’re truly grateful. Thank you!

Friends with benefits

The mere fact that you’re helping out a friend, by referring them, is often said to be kudos enough. Sharing is caring, right? But from now on, we’d like to play our part and reward you (and your friend) for your efforts*. We’ll do this by crediting your account every time someone who you’ve referred becomes a paying customer – they'll also get 50% off for their first 3 months.

What are you waiting for? Your friends will thank you for it and so will we!

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