Improved: Lookup Items by any word

We’re pleased to bring you this much-anticipated improvement, where you can now lookup Items by any word within an Item Heading.

This is most helpful if you don't know what an Item begins with. This was a pain point for many, and a few of you have already spotted the updates…

“Thank you, the new search on Price Items is fantastic and saving a huge amount of time.”

Price Item Lookup example

How Item Lookups work

When editing a Quote or Template, you can look up Items which have been previously saved in Template & Items. Simply start typing within the Heading or the Item Code and you should get a list of results to choose from, select one to populate your quote with all the details of the Item, including images and files!


  • 1 or 2 characters will search the start only – to give more relevant results.
  • A search with 3 or more characters will search all words.
  • Type multiple words to narrow down your results.
  • Results will also include Xero or QuickBooks Price Items (if enabled).

    We hope this update makes life a little easier for you and your team.