The all-new Digital Fingerprint for accepted quotes

Dale & Nathan Posted on September 4, 2016
by Dale & Nathan

Quotient’s Digital Fingerprint is your confidence booster

Often left to the detail people, like lawyers, this is something that you rarely think about until you need it. But just know, for peace of mind, we’re on the case for you.

Part of Quotient’s online quote secret sauce is our acceptance process. Your customer must tick the “I agree” box before hitting Accept, which makes your quote legally binding. In addition to this, you now have the data to back you up. To help you identify and track acceptance activity, all accepted quotes record a Digital Fingerprint of the person accepting your quote. Each of your customers has a link that is unique to them, making this process even more robust.

Digital Fingerprint

The helpful Digital Fingerprint data we capture from your customer:

  • Verified email address, using their CSUI email link (Cryptographically Secure Unique Identifier).
  • Their IP address.
  • Their device information.

Learn more in the Digital Fingerprint help article.