Buttons for Everyone + Quote Viewed Email Notification


New Action Buttons in Emails

We’ve made some usability improvements to the way emails look. The link to your Quotes is now a prominent button, colored to match the style of your Quotes.

This will make for a more clear and obvious call-to-action for your customers.

New Quote Viewed Email Notification

In Quotient, it has always been helpful to see when a Quote has been opened. Our latest update expands on this so that you can keep your finger on the pulse like never before.


You can now be notified, when a customer:

  • Views a Quote for the first time
  • Re-visits a Quote, after a 24 hour period
  • Re-visits a Quote, after 14 days or more

We hope you find this notification useful. If you’d rather not receive these emails, you can disable them in Settings > Email Notifications.