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Dale & Nathan Posted on May 14, 2012
by Dale & Nathan

Thanks to those who have taken the time to write an article and share our video – we’re delighted with the great feedback and are truly grateful. Here’s a round up... / Australia

Introducing Quotient – A really cool quoting system
“I found an awesome quoting system recently Quotient, a new addition to Xero’s beautiful suite of Add-on Solution Partners. Quotient is an online quoting system that allows businesses to create customised quotations in minutes. Images can be inserted in the body of the quote for more visual impact, documents can be uploaded and url links can be inserted to showcase a specific feature.”
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“Can I Quotient You on That?”
“Just imagine, presenting a meticulously, customized pricing quote to a client and he accepts and approves it without question. Even if there were some questions, the outcome was successful. How does that make you feel?” / UK

Online quotation software
“Keeping track of those quotations, amendments and options can be hard, and that’s before you’ve even thought about how to present them to a client. Quotient aims to simplify all of this by providing a simple, online platform for controlling, monitoring and sending quotes to clients.” / New Zealand

Quotient – simple quoting for your business
“Quotient is great for any business where quotes or proposals are an important part of the sales process and need their own workflow, or if you want to streamline the process by bringing it online. Also, if you create a high volume of quotes, managing these separately to your Xero invoices may make sense.”
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If you’ve written about Quotient we’d love to hear about it. And if you’re considering writing about Quotient please feel free to get in touch with any specific questions you might have – either about the system or the team behind it.