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English to French website translation

Understood, worldwide

Navigating dense, technical text can be overwhelming even in your native tongue, but making sense of jargon in another language is nigh on impossible, and can leave you open to gaps in understanding colloquialisms, or missing the nuances of other languages that just aren’t picked up by non-native speakers.

At Wonderful World, we pride ourselves both on the breadth and depth of our staff’s language fluency, as well as their technical documentation expertise.

English to French website translation

Ensure your services are easily understood and available internationally by translating your website into fluent French.

We will translate your site, and vigorously check that the translation not only matches on a word by word basis, but that the overall meaning and sentiment of what the original text reads is communicated clearly, and authentically.

*Price is at a per page rate of 125.00


x 10


If you require your text to be translated within 48 hours, we offer a priority turnaround service.


What’s next?

We will translate your text from English to French. We then prepare an electronic copy (in PDF format) for your records, and supply a plain-text version of the translation for use on your site.

Our guarantee

We guarantee 100% complete and total accuracy of our services, as well as a 10 day turnaround time which is strictly adhered to, ensuring your schedule isn’t held up by ours - no matter what.

For urgent requirements, we offer a Priority Turnaround option - just select the item listed above to ensure your translation is completed within 48 hours.

If for any reason your agreed turnaround time is breached, or you’re not completely satisfied with our translation, we will refund you in full.

Payment information and terms

  • Payment is required upfront before work begins.
  • We accept credit card, check, or cash.
  • Price relates to standard 1 week turnaround time, unless priority option has been included.

About Wonderful World

The staff at Wonderful World have over 80 years combined experience in the translation industry, and have an established reputation of being reliable, professional, timely, and efficient.

Our team is a collection of editors, proofreaders, and legal translators who are well versed in print media, copywriting, and international law. We can steadfastly ensure that text translation from one document to another is completely watertight, as well as legally sound.


Priority service saved the day! Our new company website was behind schedule for upcoming launch, but the Wonderful World brought their A game and were able to translate the whole lot in just two days - absolutely life savers. Thanks folks!
by Anna Burton
Always accurate, reliable, and pleasant to deal with :) The team here have assisted with translation for a number of terms and conditions documents for my business, and every time they’ve beat their own deadline, and done so with a smile.
by Sophia Turner
Translating internationally used software is no easy thing, but Wonderful World are absolute professionals who make it seem like a breeze. They’re as efficient as can be - I’d recommend the team here to anyone.
by Gary Hunter

English to French website translation

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