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Content creation for Heavy Door Records

Be heard with words

When everybody has access to a platform, the battle is not won with great ideas - the battle is won when those great ideas reach a broad audience, and are truly heard.

Our experts understand quality content creation in the digital age is your best bet to keep current.

The best content for your business, delivered straight to your inbox

Take the stress out of running a business and let us create engaging, SEO optimized digital content for you.

Every two weeks, like clockwork, we’ll compose a relevant and compelling blog post, catered to your business.

Each blog post will be based around topics and subjects that have been individually selected and agreed upon to best suit your business. We will select new and existing artists and bands that match your company demographic for profiles, interviews, album and live gig reviews.

Your content will be ready to post two days prior to the fortnightly deadline, so that any necessary reviews and amendments can be made.

Fortnightly blog posts

Fortnightly blog post, finished and ready for posting. Each post will be edited and proofed by our team of writers, ensuring the integrity of your brand is solidified by quality copy.

Our rate is $0.50 per word, for a 400 word blog piece.


per 2 weeks

We will prepare matching social media posts for each blog, to ensure these pieces reach a wide selection of your audience.


per 2 weeks

Next steps

We will set up a time for either a face-to-face or Skype meeting where we discuss your vision and voice requirements for the writing we will provide.

This meeting will include locking in turnaround times and posting dates.

Payment terms and conditions

  • Payment is required prior to the first scheduled blog post due-date, unless otherwise specified.
  • We accept payment via all major credit cards, cash, or check.

About Carbon Copy

Providing writing, editing, and marketing services for over 25 years, Carbon Copy are a trusted mainstay of the industry. Our staff have worked for publications the world over, and have a collected experience of over 100 years.

We have specialist industry partners, so whether your copy needs to work with graphic design, illustration, social media, or web design – we only work with the best.

The expertise our writers bring to the table is varied and broad, ensuring that we are equipped to provide quality work for a plethora of industries and needs.

Check out our three most recent reviews at the bottom of this quote to see what our customers have to say!


While these folks exceed at social media, we can focus on exceeding in business. We’re able to rely on their creative talents to ensure our company is current and engaged with our customers via quality online content.
by Anna Burton
Writing is not a skill that comes easily to me, but it sure does for the team here - thanks for all your help building my online presence!
by Sophia Turner
The team here are easy to communicate with, efficient, and always create quality content! Their rates are affordable and they’re worth every cent.
by Gary Hunter

Content creation for Heavy Door Records

Total $275.00 per 2 weeks (1 of 1 options selected)
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