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August 26, 2024
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Masters, Design & Construction
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Bathroom remodeling, design & construction

Let us take care of everything

At every step of the way we take full responsibility of the the day-to-day workmanship and oversee everything from demolition and plumbing, to tiling and painting. We care about the detail and go above and beyond, down to the finest of finishing touches. You will see in the end results that really show. Your home will be the envy of the neighborhood!

Planning and design

Take your napkin scribbles and create plans to current specifications.
Present 3D drawings, accurately inclusive of fixtures.


Complete plans to current specifications and submit for approval.




Dismantle old bathroom.
Cover and protect existing property from dust.
Clean and clear away all old material.

Plumbing and electrical

Converting old shower/bathtub combo into a walk-in shower
Move gas line on outside wall.
All workmanship to be completed on code and beyond, to the highest standard.


Install marble on floor, with subway tiles on shower walls and throughout the bottom-half of the bathroom walls.

Installation of all new fixtures

Including vanity, sinks, faucets and drains.
Shower, valves and shower head and hand held bar.


Professional A-grade finish.
Includes touch-ups.



Professional service and quality workmanship guaranteed

You’ll experience the very best in personal service, with the best workmanship in the industry.

We don’t just use any old subcontractors. Our electricians, plumbers, tilers, painters, and plasterers, ARE considered part of our team. We have a mutual respect for each other and without exception, ensure they’re equally competent, honest and professional.

Timeframes and next steps

An approximate time to complete the remodeling, from start (quote acceptance) to finish would be about 3 weeks. Timeframes are flexible though. We’ll take the time to walk through all the detail, which leaves little room for any big surprises.

If you have any questions, please ask them directly on the quote and when you’re happy to get started, simply accept the quote below.

Payment terms and conditions

All designs and plans are 100% owned by you once all fees have been paid for in full (until payment, they will remain owned by us).

We invoice in stages, as work is completed.

Payment for these stages is due 7 days following invoice date.


Thoughtful and proactive throughout the whole remodelling project. The team was always available to answer questions, and always on time both to start jobs and complete them. The whole team were a joy to deal with - thanks again.
by Anna Burton
High quality workmanship backed by certified and trustworthy tradespeople - what more can you ask for?
by Sophia Turner
A truly slick operation - this team showed continually sound methodology, work ethic, and professional know-how throughout our recent home remodeling. If it wasn’t such a huge undertaking we’d do it all again, with these superstars at the helm!
by Gary Hunter

Bathroom remodeling, design & construction

Total $16,600.00
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