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Bathroom tiling / Subway, high-gloss

A balance in style and durability.

We believe in the importance of property improvements that benefit a home’s durability, while not compromising on style.

By providing the finest quality tile stock, as well as being passionate about installation that is compliant with regional standards, we can ensure that your new tiling protects your home against moisture damage and wear and tear for years to come.

Beautiful tessellated tiling in modern shower of minimalist bathroom
Attractive monochromatic floor tiling in stylish home
Stunning stone and wood tiling in futuristic architectural bathroom
Clean and chic stone and porcelain tiling in modern bathroom

Glazed porcelain tile

Color of tile: Oyster grey
Style: Subway, high-gloss
Area: 30 square feet

Our glazed porcelain tile stock is renowned for being a stylish solution to future-proofing your home. The porcelain glaze protects the naturally porous tile surface from mold and mildew, protecting against water damage and stains, as well as holding up against scratches and general wear and tear.



Location: Master bathroom walls

Price is inclusive of all materials required to perform installation, as well as clean-up on completion of work.



Expert application of waterproofing is a crucial step in the tiling process. Quality waterproofing membrane protects tiled areas that are frequently and heavily exposed to water, from breeding mould, mildew, and rot from long-term moisture exposure - all which can eventually result in major structural damage to your property.

Included in our tiling process is application of mould-resistant grout, which is then sealed to further protect your property from water damage.


Next steps

We offer a 10 day turnaround from booking, to job completion.

On acceptance of this quote, we will contact you to schedule a convenient time to carry out work.

Our tiling jobs are a two day process, with tiling installation completed on the first day, and grout and silicone sealant applied on the second.

Payment and terms

  • We require a 20% deposit of your job total prior to work beginning, with the balance due 20 days after invoicing
  • We accept payment via card, cash, or online bank transfer

Workmanship guarantee and product warranty

We are rigorously trained, and certified in industry leading best-practices. All work completed by us is 100% guaranteed as code compliant with regional requirements.

All products used by Tessellate are also backed up by a 20 year manufacturer’s warranty for any product fault. The warranty does not include general wear and tear, so we recommend regular house washing to keep your tiles in tip top condition.

In the rare case that there are any faults or problems with either workmanship or products used, we will replace and repair the affected area at no cost to you.

About us

At Tessellate, we’re proud of our reputation as honest, competitively priced, and highly knowledgeable about the tiling industry. We are supplied with only the finest tiling stock from trusted manufacturers, and have spent decades refining our installation processes to prioritize accuracy and efficiency.

Between our design consultants and industry certified tilers, we have become local favourites for stylish tiling design, which has featured in home design publications nationwide.


Amazing results, reasonable pricing, quick turnaround times - what more can you ask for? These folks use quality materials to match the quality of their workmanship, and always provide service with a smile.
by Sophia Turner
Completely elevated the look and feel of our master bathroom! The stock used by Tessellate is truly stunning, high quality porcelain glaze that really adds a touch of luxury. We couldn’t recommend either the materials or the team installing them any higher.
by Gary Hunter
After discovering considerable water damage in our bathroom walls from a previous shoddy tiling job, the Tessellate crew were able to provide a quick and cost efficient quote within 24 hours, and had fabulous new tiling installed within the week.
by Anna Burton

Bathroom tiling / Subway, high-gloss

Total $1,865.00
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